Introducing Team Building/Give Back Events!

Introducing a new opportunities for companies and groups be involved!

Recently we have had opportunities to partner with local companies to host Team Building / Give Back Events. Through these events we were able to donate many Cuddly Cubbies to Peyton Mannings Children Hospital! We would love to work with your company or group!

Our Vision


It is the goal of Huggable Happiness Corp.,  to make an lasting impact of adolescents in the 21rst century. We want to show them how to impact the community by philanthropic and charitable actions.


Inspiration is what drives motivation and desire, we want to inspire adolescents to do more in the community, break expectations and set new standards for what it is to be a “teenager” in our society.


Huggable Happiness Corp. plans to influence and inspire, the only way we can fulfill this goal is to inform adolescents of what needs to be fixed in society. We plan to teach and walk teenagers through how to run a business and how to impact our community.

Break Expectations

The term “teenager” has been created, culturized, and manipulated in the last century. Our society has stereotyped the ages from 12-18 to that of immaturity and carelessness. Huggable Happiness Corp has our own definition instead we define teenagers as peoples from the age of 12-18 who now have the ability, potential and capabilities to impact and change the world and the expectations stereotypically placed on this age group. 


Huggable Happiness Corp defines the term Community as the people we can reach by means of the materials we have available. We plan to continually grow our “community.”

Teenage Run

Huggable Happiness Corp. continues to use the pronoun “we”. This pronoun is not representing the company but is used synonymous with teenagers. We are a teenage run company and always will be. We are a group of teenagers with a vision to reach others of the same age group and inspire them to do good. 

Meet Our Amazing Staff

These are our current Directors of Huggable Happiness Corp!